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Moka Mora

Moka Mora Moka Mora
Moka Mora @
The Dogfart Crew is leaking a fresh social lap dancing club now, and it is a joy place to come hang. Everyone’s welcome, but fair warning: you might not wanna reveal up with your girlfriend or your fianc or even your wife…cause The Bulls are plan to turn you into a cuck! Just view what happens when Moka Mora and her fianc, David, brandish up. One of the Bulls is a DJ spinning his latest tunes, so what’s a hotty gonna do but dance? This leads to the Bulls joining her on the dance floor, and sure enough, they’re groping and grinding all over Moka!! They do not care what David thinks…and get this: David actually thinks he is gonna get inside on the act! Little does our cuckold know, but The Bulls are intend to dick block the cuck boi each chance they receive! When the cuck lastly pulls his rod out, Moka makes sure her fianc wraps it up with a fucking-rubber! Doesn’t matter though, cause David The Cuck will not acquire it hard enough for a engulf…or a bonk! You know The Bulls got it all handled, though, and they run a educate on slim Moka while David relinquishes any thoughts of having sex today. That is about the time The Bulls turn Moka Mora into a cum dumpster, literally draining their nuts deep in her womb…or all over her body! And Moka is very fertile! (Moka and David have been trying to conceive for weeks now!) David may be a "daddy" soon!!
Moka Mora Moka Mora

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A big, black cock for DayLynn’s ass

A larger than typical, darksome dick for DayLynn’s arse

A larger than typical, darksome schlong for DayLynn's ass

In her second hardcore scene at–her second hardcore scene ever–51-year-old DayLynn Thomas receives what this babe came here for: a large, darksome cock up her constricted arse.

We asked DayLynn if she’s into arse stab, and she said, “That is a very interesting question as I have not ever done anal with anyone anyway Slaver, and I always tell him no, but this ladies man takes what he wishes, and in the long run, I like it.”

“Master,” meaning the chap this babe calls her “black bull taskmaster.”

“Master,” as in not her hubby. Yes, that babe is married, but the fellow this babe is fucking on a regular basis–the ladies man who tells her what to do and when to do it–is not her husband. This chab is, as we said, her dark-skinned bull dom. Or Dark-skinned Bull Slaver, as this babe put it on her model info sheet.

By the way, he came along and observed whilst King Noire, who’s also a bit of a slaver who can’t live out of to take out of asking, plundered DayLynn’s throat, snatch and asshole and came in her booty.

DayLynn was born in Indiana and raised in Kentucky. That babe lives in Fort Myers, Florida on the Gulf Coast of Florida. She is only 5’1″, which means she’s facile to toss around in the sack, and she can’t live with out to spend her free time “kayaking the back bays of Florida and working in the garden.”

But that babe spends plenty of her time with Black Bull Master’s cock.

“My Dom had mentioned 50PlusMILFs to me and thought I should give it a try,” that babe said. “Otherwise, I by no means would have done this out of his encouragement.”

Did this babe ask her partner for his blessing? No rogering way!

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Master Piece of Ass

Taskmaster Piece of Gazoo

Master Piece of Ass

“I tend to wear little, very short shorts and little reservoir tops,” Morgan Leigh said about how this babe dresses on any given day.

“I’ve been viewed out in little swim suit bottoms and a tank top or whatsoever. Smth just little. Something that I can catch the sun in.

“You know, little people with greater than typical mambos love to wear high heels for some strange reason. And I guess when a goddess with bigger in size than run of the mill love muffins wears high heels, it shoves her pantoons out even further. U know how high heels make a woman’s legs look more precious? I think they make her bumpers look more excellent, likewise.

“Guys will stare and smile and giggle with me. They will not say mean things. Hotties are the ones who can be not so precious about it. They seem to be jealous, or they’ll just snicker. The lads are nicer to deal with when I’m out in public.”

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Chery’s Anal Appetite

Chery’s Anal Appetite

Chery's Anal Appetite

Chery is a horny housewife with a cock addiction. Here’s Chery, 56 years mature, getting butt-fucked by a 24-year-old.

“I was very lascivious to try out such a youthful ladies man,” Chery told.

Chery showed up in our studio with her husband in tow and her children back home in South Florida. Here, this tall, MILFy golden-haired is wearing a short animal-print costume, red heels and red belts. The final time that babe was here, Chery described herself as an “anal sex greenhorn.” Now, she says, “Anal sex can be very raunchy. It just depends on the entire approach. I like to have my twat rubbed during the time that I’m having anal dance. There are ways to actually make it sensual. The key is how it is done.”

For example, eat her wet crack, not her arse, but stick a finger in her backdoor. Bonk her twat then screw her ass.

“There are many approaches but that works well,” Chery told.

Chery’s arse acquires banged plenty of ways in those pics. Which position is your beloved?

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Nice & Naughty

Worthwhile & Wicked

Nice & Naughty

U look like such a good gal. We were very surprised to see your nipple piercings.
“Why can not a worthwhile beauty have teat piercings? It’s enjoyment! But I suppose I got ’em coz I do have a little bit of a wild side. I don’t have any other tattoos or piercings…just my nipps! My boobs are kinda larger than standard so I adore the way it looks. And it feels priceless when I play with ’em or when a Lothario sucks on my nipps. Maybe one day I’ll take the piercings out, but I’m relishing ’em right now.”

You are a natural looker. We noticed u do not wear any makeup.
“Nope. I do not wear makeup, except for particular occasions, and I don’t dye my hair. I just don’t feel like I receive to wear makeup. My skin is charming precious, and I guess I look better with out it. I at no time have to worry about a boy seeing me with out makeup the next morning and not liking the way I look. The solely thing I wear on my face is cum…sometimes. [Laughs] These are the kind of bukkake I’m used to getting. Maybe that is why my skin is so good! Either way, I enjoy a wonderful load on my face hole and chin.”

U have a glamorous fur pie. Do bucks ever tell you that?
“I’ve heard that it is gorgeous. Sometimes I check out it in the mirror, and yes, I need to acquiesce that it looks valuable. I adore my little, diminutive lips. I have too been said that it tastes priceless. From what I’ve noticed the taste changes depending on how excited I am. Adore when a fellow starts fingering me and I suck his fingers it tastes tangy. But then once I have cum, maybe from oral or something, it tastes sweet. Lads have said me this, and I have tasted myself on their lips previous to. It’d be kind of nifty if I could eat my own twat.”

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A black cock/white cock DP for Alby Daor

A darksome cock/white weenie Dual Penetration for Alby Daor

A darksome cock/white dick DP for Alby Daor

U know a 40 something mistress is specific when we bring her back to copulate for the 4th time. Go throughout our archives and you’ll see that it hasn’t happened very often. Maybe a handful of times in the lengthy history of And it is not just that Alby Daor is specific. All of our SEXY HOUSEWIVES are peculiar. But Alby is special and this babe is doing something particular in her 4th scene: That babe is getting DP’d by 2 youthful, hung studs. One of ’em is 22, and that chap has a large, black jock.

Her partner viewed, by the way. This chab came along so this chab could watch his dear wife get her twat and arsehole filled with strange jock. And maybe that stud helped her clean up afterwards when that babe had two loads of cum all over her marvelous face.

By the way, Alby is a Mother, too. We wonder if the kids know about their parents’ vacations to South Florida.

Alby said us that babe viewed her previous three scenes alone and with her partner.

“I thought they were put together well and was pleased with the last product,” Alby said. “I got lustful watching the films and photos. I became very horny. My ladies man was cheerful watching the films with me because I became very juicy and insane to get at his cock.”

And, so, they banged.

“I had sex right after watching my scenes,” this babe told.

Alby too told that doing this “has enhanced my sexuality.” We did not know it needed any enhancement. “I receive slutty knowing that people have seen me having sex on film. This experience has likewise made me take more fantastic care of myself physically coz when I do some other film, I desire people to get lewd.”

Done. And we do not think a lady could look any more worthy. Alby’s a 10.

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Sink The Balls

Sink The Balls

Sink The Balls

Alyssa decided to debut on this web page by jumping in the deep end, so to speak, and rogering one of The SCORE Group chaps. That babe is a 19-year-old pupil from Los Angeles, California. She’s 5’4″, weighs approximately 123 pounds, wears 34B bras and usually goes commando, merely wearing briefs “when I’ve to.” Her birthday is February Eighteen. Her roommate’s husband has the web page bookmarked on her PC, so Alyssa checked it out numerous times and decided that fucking a Lothario would be “an astonishing addition to my sex resume.”

We loosened up the newb by asking her to shoot a game of pool with our boy J-Mac. This babe starts losing, so this babe uses the oldest trick in the book…she distracts him with her body!

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Lady S. fucks the sadness out of Max

Bitch beauty S. copulates the sadness with out Max

Lady S. shags the sadness without Max

Woman S., a 64-year-old wife, Mother and grandmother from Great Britain, is trying to console Max. He’s actually upset. The lady-killer is crying! Why is this chab so upset? Maybe coz his young girlfriend left him? Maybe this woman chaser lost his job or went bankrupt? Maybe his Premier League team had a bad season? Or maybe this stud is anticipating a bad run for Great Britain in the World Cup.

Who knows? The fact is, the fellow is upset, and Dominatrix S., a former school teacher who’s back to bonk for the 3rd time at, is plan to try her majority breathtaking to make him feel better. She’s going to do that by feeling him, which will make him happier. That babe sits on his lap and gives him a hug. Awwww, that’s so wonderful!

“I’m sure I can make you feel more wonderful,” this babe says.

Of course, there’re two types of feelings: emotional and physical. Woman S. is planning to make Max feel better emotionally by making him feel very nice physically. She’s going to do that by stroking and mouthing his wang. And having him lick her firm, fake love muffins. And letting him screw her snatch in every possible position in advance of this chab cums on her love tunnel.

That should make Max feel more alluring. At least for a little during the time that. And then when Max feels sad some other time, Lady S. will engulf and bonk him again. Don’t you crave all of life’s problems could be solved so easily?

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Amie Taylor: Teasing Titillation

Amie Taylor: Teasing Titillation

Amie Taylor: Teasing Titillation

Amie Taylor will make your day. She’s a youthful, glamorous hottie with a curvy body and bigger than average, enormous, natural bosoms. It took some time to get Amie to SCORELAND. This babe was worth the wait.

“I started to develop when I was 18 years old,” Amie said our photographer. “When I leave the abode, I love to wear dresses that fit well around my mambos and shirts adore the kind u see me wear in this video.

“I love to take lengthy walks, hang out with my allies, listen to music…and sleep. I do not look at sports or have any favorite teams.”

Amie identified out about The SCORE Group from a friend but we knew about Amie months before this babe made contact with our studio. What we did not know was how well she can wear high heels and stand on two chairs. It is in this video and very astonishing.

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