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40Something (SCORE Special 159): 70 Photos of Cheyenne

40Something (SCORE Specific 159): 70 Pics of Cheyenne

To some vixens, a lube job means getting your car’s baby oil changed each THREE,000 miles. To Cheyanne Hunter, star of the DVD SEXY HOUSEWIVES and Mechanics, it means the full-service treatment: getting your greasy oil changed, then oiling up your snatch and asshole for some unfathomable dipstick plunging by a greasy mechanic. "Auto mechanics turn me on," Cheyanne said. "They’re so bawdy and grungy, and they know how to work with their tools." She laughed. "I loved engulfing on his piston ramrod. I especially enjoyed it when this stud did a full inspection of my back end."

"I’m a romantic," Cheyanne said. "I like a man who knows how to treat a bitch goddess, but how should a gent treat a lady? I mean, just cuz a lady-killer is polite and spreads doors for a female shouldn’t mean he doesn’t know how to drill her. Some guys think they’re not being gentlemen if they actually slam a girl’s love tunnel unyielding. No! You are a gentleman if you bonk me good and make me cum!"

"You’re not being a gentleman if u try to stick your knob in my arse with out asking first," Cheyanne told. "So just ask. Chances are I’ll say yep. In fact, I’ll probably widen my arse cheeks wide so it’s easier for you to slip right in. And do not even think about babying my gazoo when you are in it. Copulate it unyielding! I desire to hear your balls slapping against my muff!"

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Bootylicious: 17:34 Minute Video of Keleah Korrine

Bootylicious: 17:34 Minute Movie scene of Keleah Korrine

Kaleah Korrine acquires into face-sittin’. Your face. Her sittin’.

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Voluptuous XL (SCORE Special 155): 40 Photos of Vicki Nicole

Voluptuous XL (SCORE Peculiar 155): Fourty Pix of Vicki Nicole

Vicki said this babe jumps at the chance to reveal off her body. "I didn’t know so many chaps like vixens like me," this babe said. "I saw XL Gals in a store and detected out they had a website. I was proud to send in some snapshots and thrilled to be chosen for photo discharges and clips. If these men out there who love slight women would spend one night with me, they would change their minds entirely. I have large milk shakes and a large gazoo to play with. I love sex and I know how to please studs. I’m much sexier than Paris Hilton!"

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SCORE February 2008: 70 Photos of Morgan Leigh

SCORE February 2008: 70 Photos of Morgan Leigh

Winner of the 2006
Newcomer contest, Morgan Leigh’s astronomical scones, erection-producing body and sexy
face have initially appeared countless man-loads since her first photo shoot. Watch larger quantity of Morgan in SCORE Theater.

Morgan: What do I like about my mangos? People are fascinated with my meatballs. They are quite
a talking point with plenty of people. They have likewise given me loads of opportunities
but the main thing is that they are flawless. I love them. They’re large and very
round, giving me a Barbie figure.

SCORE: What’s your favourite way to satisfy a lad in bed?

Morgan: Giving him oral job and the ultimate tit copulate he’s ever had.

SCORE: What satisfies u the finest?

Morgan: Oral-service, then a slow rigid screw.

SCORE: How does a guy attract your attention?

Morgan: No specific way, just being sexy and a worthy lad with worthy manners.

SCORE: Do you like cum facials?

Morgan: No, I have very sensitive skin. It doesn’t like cum.

SCORE: If we were to watch you shopping, what would u be wearing?

Morgan: Jeans, a tight tank top and high heels.

SCORE: Have u had sex in public places?

Morgan: Yep, in toilets, cars, alleyways, behind buildings, over walls, all sorts of places…

SCORE: Have you ever had sex in a taxi?

Morgan: No taxis or planes but in cars a scarcely any times. It is pleasure but a little tricky sometimes.

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Score 2008 Calendar: 1 Photos of Janet Jade

Score 2008 Calendar: 1 Pix of Janet Jade

March featuring Janet Jade. This month’s calendar exposes off Janet Jade. Put her up on your desktop as part of your 2008.

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Peep Show: 56 Photos of Kyla Ann

Peep Show: 56 Pics of Kyla Ann

We’d like to ask Kyla, “Why do you take showers?” cuz from the looks of this episode, she takes showers for the sole purpose of spraying water onto her bawdy cleft and getting off. The first thing she does when that babe gets into the shower is take the removable shower handle and spray water on her pussy. Now, we’re not complaining. This is all worthwhile with us. We’re all for nice cookie hygiene. And it looks to us like Kyla might have the cleanest fur pie in city.

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Working Womans Whipple

I bet that if honeys in porn ever got unionized the first thing they would look into doing if they are smart (so they probably wouldn’t) is find their own Mister Whipple….

Can’t u just picture you’re shooting a porn video and the man’s getting likewise gropey (in a Schwarzenegger way) and some aged lad comes oozing out “KEITH’t squeeze the milk cans” (certainly it would work larger quantity worthwhile if the actresses name was Charmin and I EARL’t think u’ll identify anybody named that out side of porn or exotic dancing)


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A Perfect World

As well as some perfectly pink snatches, has some pretty consummate poses. In my opinion any time I walk in a room any chick in there should be sat like this, legs widen and vagina willing for soever I wanna do with it (except the unattractive ones) (unless they have a bag over their head).


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