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Charley J. Matthews – Big, horny babe!

Big, excited babe!

Big, horny honey bunny!

Lives: Wausau, Wisconsin; Occupation: Superstore shift manager; Age: 29; Born: November 9; Ht: 5’5″; Wt: 160 pounds; Bras: 36DDD; Panties: Bright briefs; Anal: Finger, yeah; knob, no; BJs: Drink every drop; Diddle: Sure.

“When it comes to sex, the giant compliment I have ever received was just not lengthy ago when a man said me that I am ‘a freak’ in bed,” told Charley. “I adore to take the lead and I adore experimenting with light slavery, tickling, flogging and role playing; ram adore that. I usually have toys that we can use on every other. I do not hold back when I’m cumming which can be three or four times when I am truly sexed up. I groan and cry out, receive twitchy, sweat and absolutely soak the sheets.”

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Elara Elis – Elara gets what she wants

Elara acquires what this babe wishes

Elara gets what this babe wants

“I think I’m going to bonk that meat-thermometer. I’m going to engulf that jock,” 49-year-old Elara Elis says by way of introduction to This babe is a woman of her word. Previous to lengthy, she’s engulfing that wang and riding that wang, and to finish things off, she sucks it a little more and enjoys a facial. Not bad for starters!

Elara is a wife from Florida. Her hobbies are SCUBA diving, reading and being a Mom. That babe too can’t live out of bike riding and plan to the Fitness Centre. We asked her what kind of boyz this babe likes and this babe said, “Nice ones. No drama. Glamourous. A little dominating over me. Older and wiser.”

“I’m an exhibitionist,” that babe added. “I like being naked. I like being bound up and blindfolded and fucked. My fantasy is to have two boys or beauties doing me.”

Elara made this fantasy come true. We’ve no doubt she’ll make that one come true, too.

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Samantha Kay – Voluptuous Xtra #10

Voluptuous Xtra #10

Voluptuous Xtra #10

Mature porn setups by no means acquire aged and this one is a favourite of building supers and maintenance dudes around the world regardless of nationality. Samantha Kay calls the grizzled maintenance ladies man Mr. Roper (yep, Mr. Roper) coz she’s having bother with her leaky pipes. The “pipe” skirt chaser who comes to fix it has the appearance of he could do with some pipe laying himself. “Forty-six double-Ds and all real,” Samantha tells him.

Samantha starts squeezing milk with out her jugs, giving Mr. Roper a smack that stud hasn’t sampled in over Fifty years. Samantha treats him to a jump brandish, her larger than standard, fleshy, malleable, doughy bouncy bosoms bouncing love insane. Samantha has the kind of scoops that can be squeezed, pulled and squished very easily. Samantha squats over his face so he can tongue her love tunnel. That babe shrieks, squeals and in general makes tons of sex noises. This babe makes noise lustily mouthing his fine wrench. This babe makes noises when she’s impaled by his pipe. You receive a girl like this in the sack, you’d more nice shut the fucking windows.

The closing tit-fuck need to be mentioned as it’s picture flawless with him busting his nut with his 10-Pounder sandwiched between her soft, kneady jugs. He doesn’t get to jerk himself off love some of those porn clowns. Soever happened to Samantha Kay? This babe was one sexy Voluptuous fuck-toy and her porn time was also short. That babe decided she had sown sufficient wild oats and switched to a quieter life. This scene is on the DVD Voluptuous Xtra #10 and obtainable from

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Sydni Lane – From big tease to first anal fuck in just four months

From big tanalise to first anal shag in just four months

From large tanalise to first anal copulate in just four months

The following progression plan isn’t recommended for all 60Plus HORNY HOUSEWIVES. It’s, however, the one followed by 61-year-old Sydni Lane.

1. October 2012. Visits our studio for the 1st time. Is a little unsure about how sexy she urges to go. Urges to receive the lay of the land previous to becoming the lay of the land, so to speak. Does her first-ever episode, “The Bigger in size than run of the mill Warmup,” in which she unveils off her complete body. Gets on her hands and knees and fingers her anal opening whilst frigging her cunt. Tells us she is into anal job.

TWO. November 2012. Returns to our studio. This time, that babe is ready to fuck. Tells us about her 1st time, “It was my 1st time shooting, so I wanted to see what it was all about. But when your studio manager asked me about doing hardcore, I told, ‘Sure!'” So copulate that babe did. And engulf!

3. January 2013. “This is my 1st time on-camera getting drilled in the butt! I cant await!” Sydni tells us. And when it is all over, when her 61-year-old a-hole has been fucked every which way, Sydni (lying on her back, legs widen), tells us “Wonderful experience!”

Four months. From spreading to getting ass-fucked. Didn’t take lengthy, did it? And that babe was worth the wait, was not she? Sometimes, it pays to be patient.

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Pansy – She’s ready to go!

This babe is ready to go!

She's willing to go!

Lives: Montreal, Canada; Occupation: Waitress; Age: 30; Born: August Nineteen; Ht: 5’6″; Wt: 138 pounds; Bras: 36B; Panties: Panties; Anal: Of course; BJs: Like salty ball batter; Diddle: Like my toys.

“I’m always flamboyant and risque and I love it when boys check me out,” said Pansy. “So when the dude I’m banging now–we’re not dating, just banging a lot–showed me the web page one night, I told him that I wanted in. I swear his meat-thermometer got bigger in size than I’d watched it in advance of and this dude drilled me adore barmy. When that gent reads the copy he’ll see that my friend and I (he’ll know who I mean) crave a threesome with him. It will be a first for us beauties. I like slow sex with plenty of breaks. I’ll cum one time or twice if we’ve done oral job first. Finish me off doggie style–fast and hard–till I cum afresh, then fetch out and gangbang my ass untill u cum. That’s an A1 copulate!”

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Jemini Jordan – Big-assed Lady Truck Driver Loves Gang Bangs

Large assed Lady Lorry Driver Likes Gang Bangs

Big-assed Female-dominator Truck Driver Likes Gang Bangs

Jemini craves to know, “Are you lady-killer sufficient for me?” And not just Lothario enough to handle her 46-inch ass, which is plenty of cushion for the push-in. Gent enough to handle a female who’s into gang bangs and sex in public places. Dude enough for a female-dominator who drives a truck for a living and can handle a large rig.

“Now that I’ve done my 1st porn scene, I’ve had almost all of my dreams fulfilled,” Jemini said. Most but not all. “I still wish to become a member of the Mile-High Exotic dancing club.” Can u imagine screwing that bigger than average arse in an airplane toilet?

Jemini was born in Colorado and lives in Texas. She had her 1st gang group-sex at a swinger couples party in Kansas City. She’s had many more since then. Yeah, this babe has had sex in the cab of her MPV. Yes, that babe is happily married. And although that babe has tons of sex, she usually waits for the buck to make the first move.

“Of course, I send out signals, but it usually doesn’t take the buck long to make his move,” this babe told. “I do not dress in horny glamourous clothing. I am a jeans and T-shirts girl. But I appear to be to have a raunchy aura about me.”

She’s a lotta dominatrix-bitch. Can u handle her?

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Harmony Bliss – Tickling The Keys

Tickling The Keys

Tickling The Keys

Harmony Bliss blisses out and makes glamourous music with her bigger than run of the mill love muffins and taut bawdy cleft. But don’t let the baby grand piano fool you. Harmony is an old-school metal-head rock fan and has been one for years. She sang in heavy metal bands in Recent York, Recent Jersey and Los Angeles and, in LA, that babe sang in an all-female band. After that, this babe switched careers and became an exotic dancer and glamour model. Some of her much loved bands are Judas Priest, Steel Maiden, Alice In Chains, Queensryche and Queens Of The Stone Age. The enormous metal scene’s loss was the larger than average boob world’s gain.

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Jessi Foster – A total newbie

A total newbie

A total newbie

Lives: Westminster, Colorado; Occupation: Superstore worker; Age: Twenty two; Born: December 1; Ht: 5′; Wt: 99 pounds; Bras: 34C; Panties: Briefs or boyshorts; Anal: Like it; BJs: I deepthroat; Diddle: Rarely.

“My fresh partner of six weeks confessed that he’s into porn mags and websites,” said Jessi. “If that is what makes him so able at sex then it is a priceless thing. He showed me naughtymag (my first time looking at porn) and in a short time I told him that I wanted to be on the web page, likewise. I adore showing off my bod; that’s why I have my piercings and tattoo. Bodies are made to be looked at; dressed and nude. Fucking in any position is outstanding, but any way doggy position is what actually gets me off and has me cumming, sometimes 2 or three times. I do not cum from anal, but I like feeling a lad spunk in my gazoo.”

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Jemini Jordan – Jemini’s Afternoon Delight

Jemini’s Afternoon Delight

Jemini's Afternoon Delight

As the cars drive by outdoors, the people in these cars have no idea that inside, just on the other side of that window they just passed, a thick, concupiscent, 44-year-old divorcee named Jemini Jordan is having wicked, forbidden, on-camera sex with a chap that babe hadn’t even known until minutes earlier. That is the way things happen at the studio, where just about each afternoon brings some fortunate people a little afternoon delight.

Is there much dialogue in this scene? No, not really. Jemini moans, “Oh,” when Sergio spanks her greater than run of the mill wazoo. She smacks her lips when she wraps them around his 10-Pounder. She says, “Mmmmph” and “Ahhhh,” whilst that babe sucks his meat-thermometer, and that Lothario says, “Suck my dick,” which that gent doesn’t need to say because Jemini’s already doing it. So, not much dialogue. Just a lot of engulfing and banging. Just the way we adore it.

You’ll adore Jemini with her lengthy, blonde hair and bigger than typical thighs and big thighs. You’ll like how this babe can take a unbending pounding. That babe liked it, too.

“Oh, yep!” Jemini said as Sergio group-fucked her doggy style.

And the cars kept passing by.

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