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Victoria Versaci – Surprise! Victoria is fucking for all the world to see!

Surprise! Victoria is rogering for all the world to see!

Surprise! Victoria is rogering for all the world to see!

First-timer Victoria Versaci doesn’t costume like a exotic dancer, but she did for us. The fact that that babe dresses conservatively “but to still brandish my curves,” as she put it, at least partly explains why this 52-year-old divorcee doesn’t get hit on a lot when this babe strolls along the beach in Los Angeles. We say “partly explains” coz you’ve to wonder why studs aren’t all over her bigger in size than average love melons and immense, round ass.

“Maybe they are intimidated,” said Victoria, who was born in Mexico.

Maybe, but when you watch how Victoria sucks and copulates Tarzan’s wang in this scene, you’ll know that this babe is worth the dare.

In the interview portion of this video, Victoria flaunts off her gazoo. Later, this babe exposes us her deep-throating skills. And then the rogering starts.

But wouldn’t u love to know a little bit more about this sexy Latin babe? Of course u would.

This babe loves Sylvester Stallone movies, watching soccer, intend to the Fitness Centre, long walks and traveling.

“I like valuable men who know how to treat a woman right.”

Her sexual dream is to have sex with 2 men at the same time.

Some of the people who know her would be surprised to see her here. “Others, not so much.”

She’s been a businesswoman. She’s been a housewife. And now, she’s a 50PlusMILF.

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Sandra Star – The Working Man’s Ultimate Fantasy

The Working Man’s Topmost Fantasy

The Working Man's Paramount Fantasy

Here we have every electrician’s dream as well as the goal of each lad who likes alluring, slim blondes with big, high-riding tits. Mr. Electric has been called to Sandra Star’s place to repair a light fixture. She’s wearing a tight, cleavage-baring costume that reveals off her bod and a brassiere that makes her titties stick straight out. Shocking! While he’s checking to watch what the problem is, Sandra is checking him out.

Sandra (April 2016 SCORE covergirl) has him sit next to her on the bed and when he tries to present her with the bill, that lady-killer receives an eyeful of her jutting, jolting love muffins. His daddy steered him right when this chab said him to learn a trade. Sandra lowers the top of her dress and her bra, revealing her nude scoops, and suggests him something worthwhile to suckle. That gent takes her up on her overture and previous to long, Sandra is hanging over his lap, sucking and licking with tongue his shaft. The sparks are really flying.

Sandra lies back on the sofa and lifts her high-heeled feet up so her fresh friend can pull off her briefs, widen her pink flaps and lick the pink center. Sandra’s groans, her crazy-sexy body and her gyrations of joy action like an aphrodisiac, frying his circuits. This ladies man plugs his cable into her constricted socket and they blow their fuses.

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Paris Lorenz – Special Delivery

Particular Delivery

Special Delivery

An important shipment of Doc Johnson sex-toys and other toys has arrived at SCORE headquarters in time for the Toys For Milk sacks parade. Paris Lorenz, glamour model, porno star, office manager, sextoy inspector and part-time accountant, stops the delivery charmer to investigate the shipment.

Paris rips open a box, takes out a toy and begins plugging herself on the hallway floor, not bothering to discover one of the studio beds. This babe quickly realizes that solely real rod is intend to satisfy her so she begins mouthing Tony’s erection. He’s observed her in vertical amazement since he unloaded his cart and can’t make almost certainly of his priceless luck. Paris sucks his schlong and balls like she just got with out a convent. This chab shags her subrigid over a trash barrel and on the floor and finishes up by dousing her large zeppelins.

Paris is from the horniest nation on the planet, relative to square miles and population size, the Czech Republic. This babe told one day this babe craves to detect the consummate charmer to acquire married to. To which we say, don’t worry, Paris, one day your prince will cum. On your big bouncy bosoms, face, ass, etc.

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Melissa Moore – Good Girl Gone Bad

Admirable Goddess Gone Bad

Good Cutie Gone Bad

Melissa is a worthy goddess, so we’re a bit confused as to why this babe sent us nudes of herself. As a rule, valuable beauties don’t send slutty, aged strangers stripped pictures. “I’m in school right now,” Melissa said us. “I’m majoring in cognitive science and psychology. It’s plenty of pressure. I figured this was a harmless and joy way to let loose. Nobody would ever await me to do this type of thing, so I suppose I am kind of rebeling in a way. I did not even tell my allies that I sent these pix to u. They would be so shocked! I’ve not at any time shared anything about my sex life with them.”
“When I go out, I enjoy small, private dates. I love talking to people and getting to know them. I’m up for everything as lengthy as it’s not boring. If you are especially entertaining, I’ll probably give u a oral job afterward, also. I’m infatuated with giving priceless head. I suppose I am beautiful good at it, too. I’ve gorgeous much mastered deepthroating, even though the mountainous boys I have ever been with had, love, a seven inch penis. I would adore to try a larger one.”
“I spend lots of time studying, so I do not have many bonkers sex stories. My kinkiest encounter was probably trying anal for the 1st time. It felt great just now. I was hooked as soon as this chab stuck it in.”

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Rosie – A Fresh Start

A New Begin

A New Start

Do you remember Rosie the 24-year-old from Derby, United Realm? That babe grew her pubes out for months just to send in some pics to our site. This babe and her then-boyfriend are members here at our site. Well, they broke up. “It was a long-time coming. I still adore him, but we’re not as compatible as we used to be. It was time to move on,” Rosie told us. We’re guessing that this babe was talking about more than just her relationship, judging by the other major life decision that babe made latterly. “I shaven off my hair, too. My pubes, I mean!”
“I’m not sure which pube style I love more. Shaving is a hassle, and I’m not brave enough to wax my holes. It sounds so painful! Almost all boyz appear to be to adore me shaven down there, though. I liked having my rug, likewise! It was enjoyment to play with and run my fingers throughout. I too liked how I could shampoo my bush and it would remain fragrant throughout the day. I just didn’t adore how the hair felt in my straps. I went without ’em when I had the bush.”

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Jessica Torres – Fucking Jessica without the wait

Rogering Jessica without the wait

<b>Screwing Jessica out of the wait</b>” title=”<b>Screwing Jessica with out the wait</b>” src=”” /></a> </p>
<p class=Now it is time for 40-year-old Jessica Torres’ 1st XXX video. Jessica, a divorcee and Mommy who was born in the Phillippines and lives in Chicago, told us, “I at no time thought I would do anything like this.” That being told, that babe does it well.

In the clip interview that precedes the rogering, Jessica says this babe is not an easy lay. Sex on the 1st date? No way. Maybe a peck on the cheek. Maybe a oral fun by the 4th date. Maybe sex after a month.

Certainly, things are different in a porn studio. Tony, who this babe just met, receives into Jessica’s face hole and fur pie right away. Worthy deal for him, and we have to jack to the action.

Jessica is 5’7″ and weighs 134 pounds. This babe has brown hair and worthy bosoms. She enjoys watching soccer and episodes. She has three kids. That babe has owned a restaurant, a raiment store and a tax preparation service. She loves to be watched while having sex. That is a worthwhile thing for her. And for us.

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Victoria Versaci – Victoria the big-assed Mexican MILF

Victoria the large assed Mexican HORNY HOUSEWIFE

Victoria the larger than average butted Mexican MILF

“I like boyz who know how to treat a female right,” says 52-year-old Victoria Versaci, a first-timer who knows how to treat bucks right judging by the way that babe swallows Tarzan’s schlong. Sexy Victoria, who’s Mexican and lives in Los Angeles, hadn’t had sex in 2 months previous to she walked into our studio. She is one hungry mistress.

Victoria is wearing a dress that her DD-cup breasts are pouring with out. The dress hugs her mammoth, round ass, which that babe happily displays off. This divorcee and MILF had by no means had sex on-camera previous to this babe came here, so this babe was nervous and lascivious. But it doesn’t show when she starts screwing.

Victoria is a businesswoman. This babe was a hostess in a exotic dancing club for a while and gave lapdances. This babe didn’t strip. That babe just gave lapdances. She’s not a swinger. She’s not a nudist. We discovered her on Twitter. This babe fantasizes about having 2 chaps at the same time and says this babe doesn’t have sex often sufficient.

We’re gonna see what we can do about that.

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Tiffany Summers – My Neighbor

My Neighbor

My Neighbor

“My neighbor Tiffany probably did not know what was going on when she kept on getting sex tools in the mail,” wrote J.L., who lives one house down from Tiffany. “Then one day, I ran into her while I was going out to acquire the mail, and I just decided to go for it. I said to her, ‘Have u been appreciating your recent toys?’ That babe blushed, and then that babe said, ‘So it’s you who’s been sending those things to me! You know, u could’ve just asked.’ I didn’t say to her, ‘Asked what?’ I just followed her into her abode.”

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Casey Deluxe – Preggo & Beautiful

Preggo & Beautiful

Preggo & Beautiful

First there was Micky Bells, returning bustier and preggy. Now here’s Casey Deluxe in her hometown of Dresden, Germany. Things have changed for Casey also. Casey is close to nine months preggo here and her milk shakes are stupendous as the hormones flood her body.

Casey too says that babe is a lot hornier and craves a lot of sex, love 4-to-5 times a week. This babe likes doggie-style and spooning positions. Her spouse have to be getting worn out by now.

“My current undergarment size is 80J or 75L in EU size,” says the much bustier Casey. That converts to a 34I-cup in the America. Casey plans to proceed her adult modeling after this babe delivers her bundle of joy. Detect out Casey’s interview with her photographer in a second Bonus video.

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