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Buxom Bather

Buxom Bather

Buxom Bather

“I love to costume in sexy underware for a hubby,” told Stefania Kinskih, a girl with greater than standard, real, tan-lined love bubbles and a seductive look. Stefania was new to showing off her body when SCORE found her.

“I usually don’t have sex on the first date,” this babe said. “There has to be a connection and the woman chaser has to be very interesting to me. There has to be an exciting chemistry right from the commence. I am selective. He has to be delicious and well-mannered and very masculine. Even then, I will probably make him await.

“I like to massage my boobs. I will use man juice or greasy oil. I do it very gently, not rigid, and that is how I like chaps to do it for me. This is healthy for the bumpers and it also gives me tons of fun. I at not time thought I’d be doing this with a Lothario photographing me. I thought that dudes like that were degenerates, but the SCORE crew is hospitable and polite. I detected myself enjoying it and I love the idea of bucks watching me do it and giving them joy. I’m very contented of my bouncy bosoms.”

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Dangerous Curves

Dangerous Curves

Dangerous Curves

One of the truly great things about Daylene Rio, moreover the obvious, is her attitude. She embraces the fact that that babe is a fuck-toy for bucks. Daylene does what that babe does and proceeds to do it coz this babe knows that as lengthy as she’s Daylene, she’s a fuck-toy, here to receive chaps shooting their loads over her. This attitude is one of the reasons for her longevity when countless others all over the world have left porn after a scarcely any months or a couple of years.

“I by no means await for a charmer to make his move,” Daylene said. “I have sex whenever I’m lustful, and that’s a lot. I wake up in the morning with my hand beneath my knickers. When I want to fuck, I don’t play games love other gals.”

A adult star and escort, Daylene was born to make studs happy, and this babe knows that babe has the smoldering sex drive, hot body and bigger than standard fullsome funbags for raw, nasty sex.

Her bonk buddy in this scene asks Daylene what that babe would call herself: a filthy girl or a priceless, precious, old-fashioned gal?

“No, I am a filthy slut all the way,” that babe says. “I wanna savour. Spit over dick and suck it.”

Daylene receives on her knees and plays with her mambos. She fingers her cunt. By this time, she’s begging for a dicking. It’s time for her to open her legs and get rogered.

We ask you again: Is Daylene Rio one of the hottest sex-kittens ever at SCORE?

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Fresh and Clean Bush

New and Clean Bush

Fresh and Clean Bush

Born: Stockport, Britain; Occupation: Superstore clerk; Age: 22; Born: May Thirty; Ht: 5’5″; Wt: 138 pounds; Bras: 34D; Panties: Hawt lace; Anal: Any time; BJs: Drink; Diddle: Sometimes.

“I’m always looking to receive laid, so I keep myself clean and recent down there,” Cutie said. “I do not have a beloved way to shag. Whatever the bloke suggests will be just worthwhile with me. Once my 1st orgasm is out of the way, I can let him indeed go to town and even get kinky if this chab desires to. I’ll probably cum one time more if that dude can keep his willy beneath control and not spoil things by shooting off likewise pretty soon. I usually do not suggest up my bumhole, but if the bloke’s been sweet me and that ladies man makes a move adore this chab wants to do me that way, then I’ll definitely let him…and probably cum afresh.”

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Three-way humiliation

Three-way humiliation

Three-way humiliation

Silva Foxx, a 62-year-old silver-haired divorcee, is standing by her sliding glass doors, watching JMac and Jimmy work on her pool and yacht. But this babe doesn’t care if they don’t get any work done. She urges ’em to work on her. That babe is wearing hawt lingerie, and that babe knocks on the glass and calls them over. That babe flaunts them her billibongs and rubs her slit, so now they know what they wish.

“Let’s do it,” JMac says.

“Come on in boyz,” Silva says.

“Your husband’s not home?” JMac asks.

“He works way likewise much and I want to play,” Silva says.

Well, would not you know it, her hubby (really, it is her real-life significant other) comes home. He thinks that lady-killer is intend to surprise her, but this woman chaser is the one who’s intend to be in for the surprise.

“Holy, shit, your fucking husband’s here!” JMac says.

“I’m not gonna stop,” Silva says.

Silva acquires up from what she is been doing and tells her partner, “You are intend to look at me. Sit right here. I am intend to make u check out.”

He doesn’t just sit there, though. Silva makes him acquire a close-up look at as she sucks the guys’ knobs and bonks them. And when they cum all over her aged face, this babe spoons it up with her fingers and eats their cum, too.

Silva is a first-timer to this fucking-on-camera ram, but she’s showing some magnificant skills, screwing the colossal dudes in our stable. Ya gotta like a woman love Silva. Even if you’re her cuckolded fake hubby.

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Watch and learn

Look at and learn

Watch and learn

When this scene spreads, Nina Dolci, a 42-year-old looker from Palm Beach, Florida, is wearing a short, taut suit. Her nipps are clearly visible, and when that babe walks up a spiral staircase, we can watch her lengthy, athletic legs and fuck-me pumps. When that babe receives to the bedroom, her buck is lying in sofa.

“I’m here to give you some lessons,” this babe tells him.


“I’m going to flaunt u exactly how it is done.”


She means rogering. 1st that babe displays him how she sucks penis, and that’s only a lesson for any vixens who might be watching. Nina does an fantastic job, throwing in some ball-sucking and cock jacking, ‘coz a worthwhile BJ has many facets. Then that babe hops on top of his shlong and, afresh, we’re not sure if this is a lesson or Nina simply getting what this babe desires. Of course, the woman chaser gets what this lady-killer wishes and ends up blowing his cum in Nina’s throat.

Nina is a personal trainer who has spent her life in South Florida. This babe is been in fitness competitions. This babe says that babe has sex four times a week and like engulfing penis and having her fur pie eaten. This babe told, “I enjoy watching others have sex and receive turned on by ’em watching me.”

Oh, we’re watching u, Nina. We’re not learning much, but we’re definitely watching.

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Silva Foxx’s three-way cuckold session

Silva Foxx’s three-way cuckold session

Silva Foxx's three-way cuckold session

When we asked Silva Foxx, a 62-year-old divorcee, if the people this babe knows would be surprised to see her here, this babe told, “Abso-fucking-lutely. Almost all of my life, I’ve been in the business world, and almost all people are very vanilla and would be kinda shocked. Actually, you probably will not believe this for a second, but I’m really an introvert.”


Do introverts stand in front of sliding glass doors wearing hot lingerie and stockings while 2 bucks who look suspiciously adore adult stars work on her pool and yacht?

Do introverts invite ’em in and suck their dicks?

Do they keep engulfing their knobs and rogering ’em even when their significant other catches ’em?

Do they force that significant other to sit down and look at?

Apparently so, ‘coz that’s what happens in this scene as Silva sucks and bonks JMac and Jimmy then jacks ’em off onto her marvelous face.

By the way, Silva’s significant other? The boy whose being cuckolded in this scene? This buck kinda asked for it.

“I’ve always been very dominant but at not time expert to express myself in the proper way, and then it was my significant other who introduced me to this other way of doing things and brought in subs and showed me what to do, and we do it jointly,” that babe said. “He’s very dominating as well. He’ll bring in someone and acquire ’em set up with a blindfold and take all their clothing off, and I’ll be changing into an outfit and I’ll come out with a flogger and crop and some nipple suckers, just different things, and I’ll discipline her.”

In this case, Leah’s boy receives the discipline. In all honesty, we think that chap enjoyed it.

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Goin’ For A Ride

Goin’ For A Ride

Goin' For A Ride

Sometimes u just must go for a drive to clear your head. Sometimes u find a brunette hair goddess slamming her love tunnel with a marital-device in the backseat. Well, okay, maybe that doesn’t happen to everyone, but it happened to our boys. Now you get to enjoy that phenomenon, too!

Angelica told us that this babe loves having sex in public. That babe receives off on the thrill of being observed. “If there is a stranger there, watching me, it makes me cum extra unyielding. I’ve dreams about masturbating in a park, and a bunch of boyz walk by. They get turned on by my flaunt, so they take turns banging my pussy, each one pumping me full of their seed.”

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Sky has no limits

Sky has no limitations

Sky has no limits

Sky Haven may have changed her name (this babe used to go by Brandi Fox), but she’s still the wild, joy SEXY HOUSEWIFE this babe always was. Now Fourty five, Sky is single and taking advantage of it by having lots of hawt sex.

“I’m always looking for hot, recent experiences,” said this hot-body who lives in Houston, Texas. ‘I’m the wildest Mommy in the neighborhood.”

What turns Sky on? Lots of things.

“When a boy kisses me lazily and lightly and feels me up from my bazookas down to my cookie, twisting and tongueing and mouthing on my teats. Giving deep-throat BJs. When I observe beauties tonguing bawdy cleft. Fellows talking smutty to me. When I massage a hot person.

“My hottest carnal collision was when I met my stepbrother 3 years ago. There’s no relation; he’s my stepmom’s son and this chap was staying with my daddy. I went to visit and we were the one and the other very attracted to each other. I snuck into his room to hang out and we could feel the vibes. It is the preeminent when you have an instant connection. We started kissing and pulling off every other’s hot outfit. Damn, it was so priceless. I had the hots for some other ally at the time, so the three of us got a hotel room numerous times and did DOUBLE PENETRATION, my favorite.”

Sky says that she urges to write a book called How To Please A Ladies man. She of course is an experienced on the topic.

“I like to please my gent. I commence with giving a kiss and a rubdown. One time he’s hard, I’ll give his schlong a deep-throat BJ, and that always leads to vehement, stiff rogering. With out sofa, I love to clean and cook and do whatever this chab wishes.”

Soever this skirt chaser wants…wouldn’t that be the deep-throat BJ?

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There’s a Naked Girl In The Kitchen

There’s a Undressed Goddess In The Kitchen

There's a Exposed Hotty In The Kitchen

Dulcinea is in the kitchen. How do u like your pie? Served by a big busted brunette hair in lingerie? A beautiful girl with bigger in size than typical naturals love muffins and a full-moon butt? Dulcinea is serving. Furthermore making pies, she’s got the magic touch at wood-making.

SCORELAND: Are car shoulder straps comfortable for you? Almost all hotties with larger than standard bouncy bosoms say no.

Dulcinea: Not exactly, but I just put mine in between my scoops and it’s all good.

SCORELAND: Do you ever store things in your breast valley?

Dulcinea: I would but I quit wearing bras over a year ago so now I am sure everything would just fall out!

SCORELAND: U keep truly busy. Do you have time for hobbies?

Dulcinea: My hobbies are art and design. In my spare time I adore to take and edit pics, work with graphic design, write and read. My website keeps me very busy. I do not indeed adore sports. I’m involved with the swinger community and swap often, in groups. That is my sport!

SCORELAND: Do u have any specific talents?

Dulcinea: I like to stimulate chaps with my scoops. I guess they find it visually appealing and arousing and it’s my favorite way to acquire a facial ejaculation!

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