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Lena’s DP warmup

Lena’s DP warmup


We asked 54-year-old Lena Lewis what turns her on, and this babe told, “Oh, lots of things! Watching porn. Not my own, of course. Getting fastened up and getting a little flogging. Thinking about the hawt sex I am about to have with a youthful chap. I don’t think I’m ever not sexually excited anymore.”

This babe is lascivious in those pictures, her 1st of four postings this week at (solo video tomorrow, XXX pics Wednesday, XXX episode Thursday. Maybe that’s ‘coz this mountainous breasted German honey bunny is thinking about her upcoming scene with two juvenile men, in which she’s intend to get DP’d.

Lena said glamour modeling for has changed her in very wonderful ways.

“It’s made me more avid to explore sex in different variations. Now I am doing things I might not have done in advance of, love a-hole stab. Before, I was not that into a bit of ass. I’d solely have it with a spouse who I loved and completely trusted, but now I’ve learned to like it as a regular part of sex. And doing these scenes taught me how to receive aroused easily.”

Call this scene a warmup for what’s to come. Lena’s plan to do smth she is at not time done before. At least on-camera.

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Ballet Cock Whore

Ballet 10-Pounder Bitch

Ballet Shlong Whore

Occupation: Ballet instructor; Age: Nineteen; Born: February 3; Ht: 5’4″; Wt: 100 pounds; Bras: 32B; Panties: Panties or commando; Anal: I like it; BJs: Gulp; Masturbate: Not quite every single day.

Isn’t Vanna a little hotty? The brace-faced ballet instructor made a powerful impression with our photographer when we asked her to initiate dancing. “Oh my gosh,” she exclaimed. “I’m already so luscious just thinking about doing this! It’s like a fantasy come true.”

We asked Vanna to walk us through her decision to make her 1st porno. “I wanted to do smth gripping, and I have always loved sex, so this makes a lot of sense. Ever since I lost my virginity, I’ve been a total 10-Pounder bitch. The larger, the better, in my opinion. I am hoping porn provides me with a ton of chunky dongs to please.”

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Lena gets ass-fucked by her neighbors

Lena acquires ass-fucked by her neighbors

Lena gets ass-fucked by her neighbors

Tony and Tyler are helping Lena Lewis, who’s 54, move some furniture and talking about her melons. They think she doesn’t hear ’em, but they’re wrong. Which turns out to be a priceless thing.

“Is there anything else you need help with or are you good for this day?” Tony asks.

“Yes, truly, there’s something else,” Lena says. “I heard you boys talking out there.”

“Talking about what?” Tony says, trying to sound innocent.

“Do u like bigger in size than typical love muffins?” Lena asks.

Tony fesses up. He’s been admiring Lena’s juggs since they moved in a year ago. So has Tyler.

“Have you boyz had any experience with an older lady?” Lena says. “You’re juvenile sufficient to be my kids.”

“But we’re not,” Tony says. Her kids, this chab means. And these are the magic words.

Lena sucks their knobs. One lady-killer screws her throat whilst the other shags her pussy. Then Lena opens up her a-hole for joy, and the lads take turns on her tight, old anus in advance of cumming all over her face. Truly glazing it!

You could say that Tony and Tyler had a moving experience.

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Today’s special: anal!

Today’s special: anal!

Today's special: anal!

Kerry Martin walks into the ZZ Bar. This voluptuous, 45-year-old divorcee and Mother is wearing a short, tight, red dress with a plunging neckline that displays off almost any of her big, natural bouncy bosoms. Her rack is on full flaunt! The waiter reveals up and pours her some water. This babe makes a phone call and tells her friend, who’s supposed to meet her, about the waiter, who this babe thinks is hot.

Kerry has plans. That babe tosses out her water and asks the waiter for more then asks him about the specials on the menu. One of ’em is filet mignon.

“The meat sounds really damp. Is it?” Kerry asks. We know what’s on her mind. But does that charmer?

“Yeah, it’s indeed really luscious,” this smooth operator innocently replies.

“That beef sounds good,” that babe says. “I think I’ll try that option.”

Then Kerry asks him to unveil her to the restroom, and when they get there, Kerry shoves him against the wall and presses her pointer sisters against his chest.

“I’m kinda still on the clock,” that chap protests.

She wishes to be on that larger than standard, dark-skinned cock.

This chab protests some more, but when she takes her fun bags out, his protests are futile.

“Give me that beef now,” Kerry says.

This babe acquires on her knees and sucks his big, darksome penis right there in the restaurant. Kerry’s hairless bawdy cleft is on the menu. Turns out her ass is on the menu, too, and that stud fills it with his BBC previous to cumming all over her face.

We assume that was intended to be Kerry’s dessert.

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The Girl From Big Titty City New York

The Beauty From Large Titty Town New York

The Gal From Larger than standard Titty City Fresh York

Janessa Loren is a female who is contented of her larger than run of the mill milk cans. In fact, bigger in size than standard bumpers is an understatement about this goddess from greater than average titty town New York. Janessa’s breasts are giant. And all-natural.

Our director has Janessa shake and bounce these flesh-puppies during the time that they’re encased inside her brassiere. This chab has her use her hand to show how they should be tit-fucked. However, a real man-missile will be between those babies in a short time.

Janessa’s law: a stud needs to know how to properly handle her mambos. That chap needs to know how to touch them, how to lick ’em and how to shag ’em. A charmer who treats her and her bazookas love an usual woman with C-cups is going to detect himself out the door quickly!

Since some lads in porn appear to be to need instructions on properly handling boobies adore Janessa’s, she’s proactive in teaching lessons on tit-care previous to bucks can have sex with her. It is not just for ’em, it’s for her, likewise. Once Janessa is proud with their boob skills, she is ready to award ’em with hot and naughty cock-smoking. Then they can slip Janessa Mr. Glad and reach enjoyment land.

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Holy Toledo Teen

Holy Toledo Teen

Holy Toledo Teen

Lives: Toledo, Ohio; Occupation: Student; Age: Nineteen; Born: January 8; Ht: 5’3″; Wt: 105 pounds; Bras: 32B; Panties: Usually commando; Anal: I’d like to try it; BJs: Wonderful gals gulp; Masturbate: Each single day.

“I’d be lying if I said that I am not an exhibitionist,” Lily told us. “I think it’s because growing up there was always tons of attention put on me and I got used to it and enjoyed it. Whether it was worthwhile attention or bad attention, I detected myself longing it. I think u could call me a show-off or a floozy, but I’m just a concupiscent girl who likes to give a priceless peculiar flaunt. That is why I figured I’d send in these photos to you boys.

“My shag buddy took these pix of me in his parents’ backyard. This chab is an awesome lay, but he’s not hubby material, so we keep our relationship strictly about sex. A little whilst agone, this chab tied me up, choked me and made me beg previous to this chap would let me finish. Afterwards, I did the same thing for him. I loved one as well as the other experiences equally because although I can be unrepining in the bedroom, I don’t mind taking the reins each one time in a whilst.

“I’ve not at any time been with a gal previous to. I am interested in it, though. One time, my ally and I had plans to experiment with one another, but this babe backed out when it came down to it. I indeed wish to try eating a twat!”

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Kerry’s ass is on the menu

Kerry’s butt is on the menu

Kerry's wazoo is on the menu

What’s on the menu this day at the ZZ Bar? Kerry Martin‘s bigger in size than run of the mill tits, dick-sucking face hole, constricted, wet slit and even-tighter butthole, that’s what. Kerry, a 45-year-old divorcee and Mamma from Colorado, is savouring an afternoon out out of her kids, and she’s wearing a taut, red suit with a plunging neckline cuz this babe wants to attract attention.

That babe does that, alright! The waiter cant avoid looking down her suit, and she can’t keep her hands off his package. Should they go inside and shag? Heck, why should they do that when it is such a handsome afternoon? Kerry sucks his big, dark knob right at the table, and this fellow screws her love bubbles, vagina and booty right there, also.

Kerry is not like almost all other hotties. We asked her what that babe urges to try that she hasn’t, and she replied, “Travel the world in a year, fall in like and Dual Penetration.”

Kerry likes anal dance, but at 1st, that babe was a little nervous about trying it in our studio. Previously, this babe had been with smaller studs and that babe wasn’t sure how a large porn rod would feel in her wazoo. There turned out to be no reason for Kerry to be nervous.

“It was pleasure,” that babe said. “It was great. Jack has a big strapon, and I loved it.”

That smooth operator loved her. This man came in her face hole. If that is not like, what is?

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Lena Lewis gets DP’d

Lena Lewis receives DP’d

Lena Lewis acquires DP'd

Admirable lads that they are, Tyler and Tony are helping move Lena’s furniture when they walk into her bedroom and watch Ms. Lewis on the couch, legs widen, playing with her wet crack. This is no mistake. The boys were supposed to walk in on her. You watch, they’ve been admiring her bigger in size than standard love bubbles ever since they moved into the building a year ago, and she’s been fantasizing about their juvenile dongs. Well, now, all fantasies are about to come true.

The males, recognizing an open invitation when they watch one, put down the furniture and turn their attention to Lena. She sucks their ramrods, first one, then the other, then they’re taking turns on her cum-hole, and it turns out that her gazoo is on the menu, likewise. Well, more than that. Lena has them Dual Penetration her–one in her taut cookie, one in the tighter ass–before they cum all over her face.

“I’ve done plenty of wild things in my life, and I’ve an open attitude about sex,” told Lena, who’s 54, divorced and from Germany. “I’m definitely sexually aggressive. Sometimes that scares a lad, sometimes he loves it. These chaps actually liked it!”

About some of those other wild things Lena has done: She’s had sex on the WC in the women’s room of a nightclub and while riding a teach throughout Europe. She had sex on-camera with porn superstar Ron Jeremy in 1982 when that babe was merely 19 years aged. Lena has been an analyst, office assistant, cabaret performer, burlesque dancer and bartender. If you’re a Lothario who can’t live without impressive hotties, she’s a wonderful woman to have around.

“I’ll wear hawt underware for my woman chaser. I’ll wear something different every evening. I’ll use sweets when we’re making love. I’ll give him lots of blowjob foreplay and do a hot dance for him. I’ll cook his favourite foods, serve him breakfast in bed.”

And let him fuck her a-hole.

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Ass-fucked by The Fuck Machine

Ass-fucked by The Screw Machine

Ass-fucked by The Copulate Machine

When this movie opens, Kerry Martin, a 45-year-old divorcee and Mommy from Colorado, is standing by a window, wearing a bustier. Not that this babe needs one. Her bigger than typical bouncy bosoms are pouring without it. Seems as if she’s awaiting for anybody, and if that someone is a stud, he’s an idiot not to show up, and that dude is about to be replaced. Then Kerry displays us her butt, which is very good, likewise. She’s wearing a garter strap and nylons. Very hawt.

Well, since what’s-his-name doesn’t show up, Kerry reverts to Plan B: a bonk machine that she can control with a remote. She sucks the fake ding-dong and tit-fucks it. Then she has it bonk her slit and backdoor. Yep, this female-dominator can’t live without anal so much, she even does it with a shag machine.

Kerry has DD-cup whoppers. That babe grew up in Kansas. That babe is an outdoorsy lady who enjoys camping, rafting, hiking, fishing and four-wheeling. Her favorite team is the NFL’s Denver Broncos. And later this week, she’s intend to receive ass-fucked by a larger than run of the mill, dark rod.

Kerry used to be the chief financial officer of a bigger than run of the mill company. Traveled all over the world. Now she’s doing this. We think she lastly discovered where she belongs.

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