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A Russian wife who really loves cock!

A Russian wife who really can’t live without cock!

A Russian wife who indeed loves weenie!

“I not at all run after boys,” said Natasha Ola, a 44-year-old wife from Moldova (formerly in the Soviet Union) who doesn’t run after the charmer in this scene. That stud runs after her. Truly, that stud knocks on her door. This chab is there for his Russian lesson, but this charmer cant concentrate on learning a language coz Mrs. Ola looks so hot and hawt in her tight dress, which displays off her juggs and legs. Both are very priceless. In fact, Natasha fucked for about 10 years agone.

Another reason Natasha has great lgs: This babe is an gogo dancer. U know, a gogo dancer. That babe works at a lap dancing club in St. Petersburg, Florida, where that babe gives hawt lap dances to favourable boys and makes ’em cum in their trousers. Tyler, the fellow in this scene, doesn’t cum in his trousers. After that lady-killer screws Natasha (and that babe copulates him back), this smooth operator cums all over her love bubbles.

Natasha lives in Florida. She describes her perfect day as “working out at the Health Undress club and going out with my hubby.” And when that babe goes out, this babe wears constricted, hawt dresses that unveil off tons of deep cleavage. She’d love to go skydiving; this babe hasn’t done that yet. This babe is not a swinger, but that babe has rogered other bucks since she’s been married. A few that we know of, that’s for sure.

By the way, members, stay tuned: Coming in a short time, Natasha bonks two very young chaps.

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Not So Average

Not So Typical

Not So Average

Occupation: Bookstore employee; Lives: Portland, Oregon; Age: 33; Born: April THREE; Ht: 5’3″; Wt: 92 pounds; Bras: 34A; Panties: Everything but briefs; Anal: By no means done it; BJs: Gulp; Masturbate: Oh yeah.

“I’m your typical, run-of-the-mill girl,” Kennedy said us. “I love hiking, reading, playing with my pets and going on the occasional vacation with friends. I can play the flute, and I like going to cocktail bars and seeing vids.” That does sound perfectly archetypical, but “average” gals don’t usually widen their wet cracks on-camera for porno mags. We asked Kennedy about that. “That’s true! I’m free with my sexuality. I don’t receive hung up on morals or shame. Porn is fucking wondrous, why not give it a shot?

“The worst pickup line a boy ever said me was, ‘I’m actually rich, so you’d be dumb to not talk to me.’ It was forward and brash. I let him buy me some drinks, then I jerked him off in his sports car. His ramrod was smaller than his wallet!”

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Granny’s fuck toys

Granny’s screw toys

Granny's fuck toys

What does the modern 60Plus SEXY HOUSEWIFE keep on her end table? Lots of marital-aids. At least that is what 62-year-old wife, Mother and grandma Caroline Hamsel keeps on her end table.

“I wish to talk to you this day about what I adore about touching with tongue guys’ beautiful cocks,” this British GILF says. “So I went to demonstrate what it is that I love about giving a fellatio.”

This babe picks up a purple marital-device and demonstrates.

“What I love is putting it into my face hole adore this and just dripping my tongue around the tip. And then just sucking. And then what I like to do is take up with the tongue all the way up to the tip and on the side. And then taking it into my face hole. And I adore to take it in as far as possible. And I adore to smack the Lothario as his juices kick off to come out. It tastes so priceless. And like to feel his strapon pulsating in my face hole.

After she’s finished with the blowjob demonstration, Mrs. Hamsel uses the toys, some of them very large, on her bawdy cleft.

And, so, today’s episode winds up the warmup portion of Caroline’s week at Tomorrow, this babe bonks. She is willing.

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Natasha Ola is hot

Natasha Ola is hot

Natasha Ola is hot

Natasha Ola Week continues at with a hot clip in which this 44-year-old wife unveils off her smoking body: great titties, curves and a very pink love tunnel. Natasha is merely five feet tall, and she is a little package with a 22-inch waist, 34-inch thighs and D-cup pointer sisters.

“Custom-made,” said Natasha, who was born in Moldova and now lives in the United States. “I love America!”

We like Natasha, who has been married for Twenty years and has drilled other guys during that time but is not a swinger.


“I’m a bad gal,” that babe said. “I cant aid myself. When I acquire hawt, I am hot.”

Natasha is always hawt. As this scene progresses, she whips out 2 dildos, both of them big, one of ’em flesh-colored, the other red. She copulates her slit with the flesh-colored fake penis and uses the other one to demonstrate her oral technique and then slap her clit. Natasha receives off. You’ll acquire off along with her.

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Bikini, Boobs & Oil

Bikini, Mambos & Oil

Bikini, Milk cans & Oil

Tera Cox could win any juicy tee contest she entered.

We one time asked Tera what studs say to her that is absolutely the worst thing to say to her (and probably each big-boobed girl). “You got immense hooters!” Tera replied. “I get that on a every day basis and it is the worst turn-off! I know I have larger than run of the mill tits.

“When I go out, I try to costume semi-casual with a hint of cleavage. Try to know me as a person. I like going on dates that are relaxing and enjoyment, such as a restaurant, just sat there talking about anything and actually getting to know each other.

“Being sexy is not always how a person looks. It’s the way they carry themselves and the way they come off. Everyone has a different idea of hot. I think self-assured and assured lads can be very hot.”

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Natasha’s toy box

Natasha’s toy box

Natasha's toy box

“I at not time run after lads. They need to come after me,” said Natasha Ola, a 44-year-old wife who was born in Moldova in the former Soviet Union and now lives in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. Natasha has a hot little body: just five-feet tall, 102 pounds, D-cup milk sacks, 22-inch waist, and she likes to unveil it off. Natasha is an exotic dancer in St. Petersburg, Florida, and this babe puts the younger gals in the exotic dancing club to shame.

This is Natasha’s week at solo fotos today, solo video the next day, copulate fotos on Wednesday and screw clip on Thursday. But it is not her first time getting bare or screwing on-camera. Back in 2008, Natasha showed off her handsome legs for Lex Sex magazine and drilled a ladies man (the scene is still live at and A description of the XXX scene might whet your appetite to explore further: “Watch him pour syrup all over her legs and constricted cunt and lick and shag her right on her kitchen counter.”

Here, Natasha screws her taut little bawdy cleft with large toys. Very worthwhile. And the show is just getting started!

When Natasha was growing up in the Communist Soviet Union, that babe couldn’t do whatsoever she glad, as that babe is doing here.

“But I had a stylish childhood,” she told. “I was Daddy’s goddess. Spoiled, everything.” She has a sister who lives in Portugal. “She’s taller, blond. My brother has brown hair, light skin. Merely me, I look black as hell!”

Natasha’s name, looks and accent remind us of Natasha Nogoodnik from the old toon unveil Rocky and Bullwinkle. She’s heard that previous to. But that brandish was for kids. What you are seeing here is adults-only.

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SCORE P.O.V. With Whitney Stevens

SCORE P.O.V. With Whitney Stevens

SCORE POV With Whitney Stevens

Whitney Stevens gives you a reveal of her sexy little body. That babe spanks her squishy buns, rubs her firm pantoons and licks her areolas.

Whitney, who’s Jewish, started fucking in porn at 18. This babe behaves like a naughty, ribald floozy yet this babe has a wholesome look about her even with a knob bulging her cheeks.

“Like these large banging mellons?” Whitney asks. “Do u want me to suck your fucking weenie?” Hold up! Forget that part about wholesome! Whitney kneels betwixt your legs so you can feed her 10-Pounder. “Gimme that screwing penis!” this babe implores. You acquire her on her back in missionary position and pound the rogering shit out of her. That’s smth a hottie like her urges.

Then you get her on her hands and knees and pump her slit doggy style. On her back, u screw Whitney’s bra buddies, giving her your 10-Pounder to suck and take up with the tongue. It’s now feeding time for this little bimbo so u give her the drainage of your bloated balls, as that babe so rightfully merits for banging you wonderful. Too bad u forgot the spoon to collect the drippings for her to drink.

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Sweet Redheaded Alice

Ravishing Redheaded Alice

Sweet Redheaded Alice

This day we add yet some other hawt teen to our roster of rammed redheads. Alice may look pleasant with her ginger curls and youthful face, but the solely thing pleasant about her is the way this babe rides schlong. You know she’s wicked to the bone as she widens her asscheeks and looks over her shoulder during the time that getting her pussyhole filled. U can see just how much her pink vagina is getting stretched when our fellow pulls out his wang. Her tunnel gapes, still desiring to be filled deeper and harder. Luckily our Lothario has more in store for her as he plows her in doggie-style and sticks his thumb in her rectal hole.

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The super-busty MILF’s first time

The super-busty MILF’s 1st time

The super-busty MILF's first time

Tyler has shown up to do some work. This chab walks around to the backyard, as he was told to do, and goes to the door. It’s a glass door. He looks inside and sees Kaiserin wearing a tight dress.

“Wow. That must be his wife,” that Lothario says. “She’s so sexy.”

But that babe just now spots him, and this babe is not glad.

“Your boyfriend hired me to do some work,” this chab explains.

“What do u mean, u fuckin’ pervert? Peeping Tom,” this babe scolds.

“I just came here to do some work,” this smooth operator stammers.

“I think u get to be taught a lesson, u little pervert,” this babe says. “Have you even been with a mistress my age before? How about if I teach u a lesson?”

This dude doesn’t have to answer. That babe just drags him to the bedroom, throws him onto the bed, takes out his rod and begins mouthing it. She sucks his nuts, too, which is valuable, especially the way this babe does it: very lovingly. Then that babe screws it.

And did we mention that Kaiserin has big mounds? And a nice cookie?

“That’s a well-used love tunnel,” she says as this chab fucks her doggystyle.

A well-used pussy: Kaiserin isn’t a swinger, but she is a Mother of 2, and she does fuck a lot. That babe was born in Ohio and lives in Texas with her partner and kids. This babe is 45 years aged. And here, this babe is fucking on-camera for the first time.

“I’ve had more fun in my 40s than charming much any other age,” told Kaiserin, who enjoys watching Star Wars videos and is learning how to pole dance. “In my 30’s, I was too busy making sure everything was taken care of to worry about having pleasure. Now, charming much anything is settled and taken care of, so I can just be me. I am in a put in my life where I do not have to worry about money or promotions. It’s me time now. Now I can be the bonkers person I was always afraid to be.”

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