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Comfort zone

Comfort zone

Comfort zone

Cora Comfort, a 46-year-old first-timer, looks so conservative in the 1st hardly any fotos of this set, wearing a red sweater and glasses. This babe bears a resemblance to she could be a teacher, a librarian, an executive.

But don’t be fooled. 1st of all, previous to long, this hawt divorcee is taking off all her hot raiment, spreading her wet crack and fingering her rectal hole.

And there’s one more thing:

“I’m crazier and hornier than I’ve ever been,” said Cora, who was born in Detroit, Michigan and lives in Las Vegas. Sin Town. It’s where that babe belongs. “I’m captivated on this idea of having a group action. I think hotties are infinite in their sex drives.”

Cora is obviously infinite in her sex drive. That babe can’t acquire sufficient. And by the way, that thing we told about her looking like a teacher. Well, turns out that’s not also far from the truth.

“I educate sexuality,” that babe told. “I aid people overcome hangups, erectile issues, premature ejaculation. I feel blessed to view ’em transform before my eyes. I like my job.”

We’re not sure Cora can help us with premature semen fountain right now. Just take a view her. You’ll be cumming in no time at all.

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Waiting For This Moment

Envisaging For This Moment

Waiting For This Moment

Occupation: Server; Age: 18; Born: February 6; Ht: 5’3″; Wt: 100 pounds; Bras: 32A; Panties: G-strings all day; Anal: Eat my butt; BJs: Always swallow; Masturbate: I adore my vibe; Lives: Phoenix, Arizona.

Chloe mentioned that she is willing to take the world by storm, and her XXX launch does just that. “I’m so screwing pumped to do this,” this babe shared. “I’ve been dreaming about making a name for myself in porn ever since I turned 18.

“I love mouthing dong. You know what’s weird, though? Even though I prefer rogering thick jocks, I like sucking smaller dongs. Not, adore, micropenises or everything, but it is more joy to engulf a good five-incher. That way I can deepthroat it.

“Your Lothario made me cum three times. By the end of the fuck session, I was whimpering in a puddle of my own snatch juices. I craved his cum. I not quite never take creampies ‘coz I do not wanna receive preggy, but I felt an overwhelming wish to just sit down on his meat-thermometer and have him pump his cum into me. That guy pulled out and sprayed my face, which was smarter, so I am thankful this gent did that.”

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It’s big, it’s black and it’s cumming in Seka’s ass

It is big, it’s dark-skinned and it’s cumming in Seka’s a-hole

It's large, it's darksome and it's cumming in Seka's ass

When this clip spreads, 64-year-old wife, Mother and grandmother Seka Black is wearing a skirt that’s so short, we can watch the top of her nylons. She’s telling us how sexually excited she is been, and fortunately, this babe has a woman chaser coming over. It is not her boyfriend.

“I wanna screw him so bad,” she says.

That babe tidies herself up, not that this babe needs any tidying up. Seka is blond and impressive. In any case, the lad reveals up.

“Is everything alright?” this charmer asks.

“I have a scarcely any things in the abode that I need fixed. My husband’s not home,” she says.

That fellow enters the house, although hesitantly. Not surprisingly, the repairs that have to be done are in the slaver bedroom. Hmmm.

“I do not watch everything not right in here, Mrs. Black,” he says.

“Honestly,” this babe says, “there isn’t everything wrong, but I have had the hots for you for a lengthy time. I cant await to get screwed by you!”

And away we go!

She unzips his trousers and takes out his ding-dong. It’s as big as she assumed. Even larger.

“I have gotta engulf your wang,” Seka says, and then she proves this babe is not all talk and no act.

But we already knew that, did not we? This isn’t Seka’s 1st time at, and this is definitely not the 1st big, darksome schlong she’s sucked and fucked and taken up her booty. Yes, that, also. And then the gent creampies her booty, so all’s well that ends well, right?


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Slow, Comfort-able screw

Slow, Comfort-able shag

Slow, Comfort-able screw

Cora Comfort is ready for act. She’s wearing a hawt, orange costume that covers very little. Her knockers are falling with out it. That babe is got her hands on the guy’s crotch, and it might as well be your crotch coz majority of this scene is discharged P.O.V.-style.

“So worthwhile and stiff. I adore it. Do u love this?” this 46-year-old divorcee says as that babe rubs her hands over her chest. “Do you adore what u see?”

Damn right we like what we see, and so does the skirt chaser, judging by the bulge in his pants. In advance of lengthy, that bulge in his pants is going to be his weenie in Cora’s mouth, then this petticoat chaser is gonna be screwing her, spreading her wazoo cheeks wide, and then this woman chaser is going to cum all over these greater than average scones of hers. You’d think Cora is a porn pro, but no, this is her 1st fuck clip.

“My Mama supports me in whatever I do,” Cora said us. “She said, ‘If you’re intend to be a sex star, be the best damn sex star u can be.'”

Thanks for the advice, Mom. Way to live up to your parents’ expectations, Cora. Those days, so many kids are such disappointments. Cora, who’s no a kid, is very satisfying.

Cora lives in Las Vegas (born in Detroit, Michigan). We asked her if this babe is into sweethearts, and she told, “I’m addicted to meat-thermometer, but if my boy is down to look at me and another angel getting jointly, I get off on him getting off, so indirectly, I’m into babes.

“My hubby was Nineteen when I met him. I kept telling him I was 29, but I was mature, and then one day I told to him, ‘I’m turning 40.’ He could not believe it. But now I have a bigger appreciation for maturer fellows ‘coz they know how to worship the dominatrix. As much as I love cock, as much as I am a cum-slut, there is more to it than that.”

Not here there isn’t. Here, it’s just about the rogering. Nothing incorrect with that.

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Victoria Lobov: Sexy Bikini Babe

Victoria Lobov: Hot Bathing dress Vixen

Victoria Lobov: Hot Bathing suit Babe

Big-Boob paramour Victoria Lobov saw the SCORELAND site, and being a adult model new on the scene, she was barmy to further her horizons and increase her exposure. Her next move was to make contact.

Originally, Victoria was solely going to do a Billibongs & Tugs scene. That babe decided on that very day to take that next step and go full-sex.

“I have a talent to please,” said Victoria. “My fetish is shoes, shoes and shoes. The higher the better. Oh, and sexy garments.” There’s no question that this blond Texan from Russian Federation is a head-turner no matter where that babe goes. Victoria’s young face and stacked body look a decade younger than her excellent forties. Victoria is unequalled in that she modeled for one as well as the other SCORELAND and,” editor Dave wrote.

“I adore playing with my pierced clit. I like to pull the piercing and stick a finger in my wet crack. Once it’s all wet, I switch to a vibrator and go unfathomable in and out until it makes me cum.”

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Riley Star

Riley Star Riley Star
Riley Star @
You’re invited to a cuckold party, and Riley Star is throwing it! You watch, Riley likes watching all sorts of porn, and recently she’s been watching clips with cucks! This babe is not sure what to make of it, so this babe called two of her pals over — Rico and Rob — to explain to her a little bit more about cuckolding porn…and if cucks actually existed! Turns out Rob and Rico brought their cuckold pal Jay over to meet Riley, view some cuckold porn, and then…you know, turn him into a cuck right there for Riley to witness. Of course Rob and Rico had not ever tapped that fur pie, until today, so they were mad and concerned! Turns out what they suspected all along was true — Riley’s pleasing twat was even better than her "head game", which turned out to be charming excellent likewise! Riley was not likewise sure what to make of her cuckold, but that babe did her very finest to do what all three chaps wanted: the cuck to "get some", likewise! This chab sure did, too…especially when it was time for clean-up duty!!
Riley Star Riley Star

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Cora’s first on-camera fuck

Cora’s 1st on-camera bonk

Cora's 1st on-camera fuck

Now it’s time for 46-year-old Cora Comfort to break her hardcore cherry. Her on-camera hardcore cherry, certainly. Cora fucks a lot, but this is the 1st time she’s screwing on-camera. She does it very well, engulfing jock P.O.V.-style during the time that maintaining eye contact with the digi camera, taking the large ding-dong unfathomable inside her tight, competent slit and opening wide for a load of cum.

We asked Cora to tell us about her wildest carnal experience, and this babe said, “I’ve had so many various erotic things happen to me. I just try to be open and savour ’em to the fullest.”

This babe enjoys Logan’s penis to the fullest.

Cora is very glad to be here. She is pleasured to be here, so pleasured that this babe told plenty of people she knows about it. “I think plenty of people were blown away when I said ’em,” she told. “I kinda bragged about it ‘coz there’s just no shame in my game.”

Not should there be. Cora looks great, bonks great, looks great doing it. Welcome to the club, Cora.

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Circus Cutie

Circus Girl

Circus Cutie

Luna is a freak. She worked for the circus. But alluring Luna is anything but a circus freak.

“The most-fun job I’ve ever had was performing in a circus company. I traveled to music festivals and performed aerial skills and acrobatics. That is when I found my like of performing in front of a crowd. I’ve always been lascivious, so I figured I would try shooting some porn to watch if it gives me the same thrill as the circus. Guess what! It is even more incredible!”

Luna is enrolled in high-school. She’s hoping to acquire a degree in environmental science. This babe can stand on her head, desires to try skydiving sometime pretty soon, and that babe loves dressing coservatively when she goes out.

“I costume so people don’t wait me to be a freak. But when they must know me, I blow their minds. My kinkiest erotic collision was when I was still a teen. My husband fastened me up in front of our allies and banged me at a party.”

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An anal creampie for Seka Black

An anal cock juice pie for Seka Darksome

An anal jizz pie for Seka Black

Seka Black, the sensational 64-year-old wife, Mama of five and grandmother of 11, is back for more dark meat-thermometer. The skirt chaser who wields this bigger in size than standard, dark-skinned dick is nearly young enough to be her grandson. He’s intend to shag Seka’s butt with his big, dark cock and give her an anal creampie.

Seka is specific. She is fetching. That babe has a smokin’ bod with larger than run of the mill titties and a fine, round, fuckable ass. She’s the epitome of a 60Plus MILF, the kind of female we’re always looking for. Here are excerpts from our interview with Seka in which we asked her about anal job.

60Plus MILFs: Is anal on the menu?
SEKA: Oh, yes, I like anal.

60Plus MILFs: Was this a recent discovery?
SEKA: About a year agone. You are by no means too aged to learn! I just wanted to experience it and I did, and it was a bigger in size than run of the mill turn-on ‘cuz I came harder.

60Plus MILFs: U had analgasm?
SEKA: Oh, yeah, it was great.

60Plus MILFs: When you had the analgasm, were u playing with your clitoris?
SEKA: No. I came from being ass-fucked.

60Plus MILFs: That’s odd. Was it with your partner?
SEKA: Oh, no, it was with a dark dude. A big, black charmer.

60Plus MILFs: Were you planning on it?
SEKA: I was planning on it coz I had spoken to my boyfriend about it a pair of times, and I wanted to experience it, and then when I detected the right lad, this Lothario was up for it, definitely.

60Plus MILFs: This chab did not just pop it in, did this chab?
SEKA: Oh, no. He gradually got me used to his 10-Pounder. After banging my muff for a little bit, I told him I wanted to try anal, and that smooth operator said, “Okay,” so we lubed up his wang, and it started to slide in real slow, and this dude got me used to his pecker, and then I started rogering back cuz I wanted more, and from there on, we had a blast.

60Plus MILFs: Was it the feeling or the thought of it that got you off?
SEKA: The feeling. Well, both.

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