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Doing It On A Dare

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Doing It On A Dare

Dani Dare, a housewife and porn-star wannabe from Virginia, takes another major step on the path to porn stardom by showing off her screwing and mouthing skills in live action. We think you’ll acquiesce that her blow-job technique is marvelous. There’re times when she’s engulfing the guy’s rod and there is totally no separation between her throat and his crotch. That’s very incredible. In this video, Dani is a concupiscent wife whose partner isn’t home, so she makes a booty call. The boy comes right over, and previous to this dude can say a word, she’s on her knees, blowing his dick. “Let me worry about my spouse,” Dani says. It doesn’t look like this babe is worrying about anything at all. And why should she? Her boyfriend walks in and gives he pointers!

Doing It On A Dare


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