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El Storm – Punk Rock Rebel

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Punk Rock Rebel

Punk Rock Rebel

“You could definitely call this my punk rock phase,” El explained to us. “I spent so much time living up to my parents’ expectations. U know the drill-ballet, straight-A student, not at any time had anything to swallow or whatsoever. I just got fed up with it when I moved away for Uni. I realized everybody else had those great stories and adventures and I did not. I went out and got my first tattoo within a week of being there. Then I gave my first blowjob at a party I wasn’t even invited to. I not ever learned the guy’s name. I plan on settling down one day, but for now I’m just gonna focus on joy.”

“I asked this boy I met at the pub to take these. He did not seem to have a problem with it! This chab indeed snapped a petite in number shots on his mobile, too. I detected out later that he sent ’em to all of his friends along with the text, ‘Check out this freak I’m with. She ASKED me to take these.’ His phone started blowing up after that. His entire fraternity wanted to come over and take turns on my slit. I turned ’em down ‘cuz I just wanted his wang that night. Maybe I’ll do it in the future, though.”

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