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French Doll

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French Doll

French Doll

Anastasia Doll was detected in France. We’ve had very little success finding big boobed French models over the past 25 years even though France has a charming healthy adult entertainment sector. Why this is so remains a puzzle.

“People are often very shocked when they see my heavy bosoms but I adore it,” said Anastasia during a break in shooting. “I like to draw attention to myself. I’m gratified of my body.”

That bubble gazoo draws lots of attention to Anastasia too.

Anastasia calls herself a “Brunette Barbie.” “I only buy bras off the rack ‘coz I donot have to shove up my wobblers. They do not fall and are very greater than typical.”

What else should we know about Anastasia?

“I like high heels. I love to take care of my feet so they look ideal wearing ’em.”

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