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Naughty Neighbors January 2008: 49 Photos of Leah

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Naughty Neighbors January 2008: 49 Images of Leah

“My bloke was rapt (delighted) when I said I wanted to pose for NN,” told Leah. “He was starkers and he’d already cracked a obese (was rock hard) when I walked into the kitchen. This smooth operator talked impure, telling me how this chab was intend to root me (fuck me) later. I started talking impure, also, which I would by no means done with him, even when we’re having a naughty (screwing). When I said he could shag my freckle (arse) it was too much and this guy put down the camera and wanked. So I had to expect till his donger was unbending again before we could screw.”

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