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Raquel Sieb – Still ass-fucked after all these years

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Still ass-fucked after all these years

Still ass-fucked after all those years

“My hubby loved anal, and I was Nineteen and this chab did not know what he was doing and was kind of coarse about it,” said Raquel Sieb, recalling her 1st experiences with anal job. “We did it so much that I got used to it, and I started to like it. I would masturbate whilst this man was banging me in the a-hole, so I eventually started to like having a wang in my ass.”

Some Thirty one years later, Raquel is Fifty years aged and divorced. She’s a Mamma of four children and, astonishingly, a grandmother of 3. And she not solely likes anal sex now. That babe wishes it.

“I adore the pressure,” she said.

Raquel’s hobbies are shopping, yoga, lap dancing, hiking, reading and going to wine tastings. This babe says, “I like Bikram yoga and eating a lot of organic veggies, meat and grains keeps me in shape.” This babe was born in Recent Jersey, lived in California for a during the time that and now lives in Chicago, Illinois.

And she has one of the nicest assholes we have ever viewed. Check it out. And this babe has amazing BJ technique. That babe goes down so deep on the guy’s weenie that when that babe comes up for air, she sounds like she has a cold. U crave to have your pecker sucked by Raquel. U at least urge to imagine what it would be adore.

“I don’t feel 50,” Raquel said. “I feel the same as I did when I was in my 20s.”

Well, 20-year-olds don’t fuck like this babe does. Only old hotty’s fuck adore Raquel.

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