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Sara Jay – Pile-Driven

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“Talon just told me he doesn’t like blow jobs. I’m intend to convert him,” Sara Jay told previous to the action began in this clip, one of Sara’s early scenes at SCORE when that babe was just starting out. “I’m converted,” Talon said later on. “Sara gave me the best oral-service I have ever had. Her mouth is just unbelievable!” He’d just been orally serviced by one of the foremost oral stimulation queens of the silver screen. He repaid her with a hard fuck–Talon is a pounder and a driller with out compassion who likes nubile beauties that can widen their legs like a yoga scholar.

Sara was always orally-fixated and she’s brought that to the show from the very starting. “I eat. I chew plenty of gum. I like having things in my face hole. Lollipops, especially when they have Tootsie Rolls in the centre. I suppose part of the reason I adore to give BJ’s is ‘cuz almost any honey bunnys do not like to give them, and it makes the boy think I am doing ’em a favour. But it is like a gift, and I like to give presents. ‘I’ll suck your 10-Pounder.’ Lads are so glad when I say that. I’m down for blow jobs. I’m down for everything as long as I have a jock in my throat. I just adore giving blow jobs.”

Sara’s blow jobs are the messiest and gooiest of all. That babe may have originated the sloppy BJ. Sara is likewise a proponent of the lengthy fellatio. No two-minute take up with the tongue and flick. This babe could go for hours although what skirt chaser could last hours?

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